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Did you know that most companies that you find on the internet are nothing more than a couple of salesmen with a website?


General Steel: the 1st and Still the Best!

  • General = BBB Accredited Business
  • General = The Industry Leader Spanning Two Decades
  • General = Over $1 Billion in Steel Sales
  • General = 50 Year Warranty with Every Building
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 "The Shipping is Included"

Gas PriceOne common ploy used by other steel building companies is to tell you that shipping is included to secure your purchase and then when it comes time to deliver your building they inform you of a $4,500 "fuel surcharge" you must pay immediately or you will not receive your buildings.

"We Have Canceled Buildings"

Canceled OrderMany internet steel companies will tell you that they just happen to have a "canceled" building available for you to order at a discounted price but you must order now.  This "canceled" building is actually a building ordered and billed to you at full price.

"False Warranties"

WarrantyIn order to compete with the 50 year warranty General Steel provides, some steel companies will offer a warranty when no warranties in fact exist and worse the company does not have the financial ability to ensure the warranty will be honored.

"We are the Manufacturer" Price Increase

One very deceptive claim many steel companies will make is that they are the building manufacturer.  Companies will use this false claim to threaten you with bogus price increases up to and including sending you fake price increase letters.

General Steel Peace of Mind:

Shipping Experience

Interstate MapGeneral Steel has shipped buildings of all sizes to every corner of the United States and even delivered buildings Internationally.  With a dedicated shipping department, General Steel has the experience to deliver your building in the most time efficient and cost effective way possible.

Honest Sales

Best PriceAs the industry leader in pre-engineered buildings, General Steel has gained the most buying power which converts to the most most value for our customers. Our sales team is built upon integrity and honest sales to ensure you receive the perfect building at the best price.

50 Year Warranty

50 Year WarrantyGeneral Steel offers a 50 year structural warranty with every building.  As a debt free company, you can rest assured that the General will be there to honor all warranties provided with your building should anything unexpected happen to your new facility in the future.

Full Service Company
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General Steel is the most recognized and respected full service company in the steel industry.  While other companies may lack the experience and resources to help you with your project after the sale, the General will be there.

Completed Projects (click to view)

Below are just a few of the projects General Steel has completed over recent decades.  We look forward to making your project the next success!

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